Ink: A Recipe

by Bryan Thao Worra, art by Mia Funk

"Void" Poetry Context Winners: Why We Chose These Poems

by Daryl Qilin Yam


by Shelton Pinheiro

45 Belgrave Square

by Jason Eng Hun Lee

7.15 Passenger Train

by Shefali Tripathi Mehta

A Bum's Demise

by Papa Osmubal

A Contingent of Birds

by Daryl Qilin Yam

A Declaration of an Average White Rice Picker - Stately Constituted - from the Pigeon Body Language

by Lee Minh Sloca

A Long Way to China: Three Poems

by Ceci Mourkogiannis

A Long, Long Time Ago

by Richard L. Provencher

A Question Before Slumber

by Raydon L. Reyes

A Samurai's Pink House

by Sonia Saikaley

A Scholar Instructs a Goose

by Richard K. Kent

A Sketch of Macao as Land of The Lotos-eaters

by Christopher Kelen

A Smoke Break at the Nuclear Command

by Koon Woon

A Still Life

by Varsha Saraiya-Shah

A Talk with Mao Tze-tung

by Fiona Sze-Lorrain


by Greg Santos, art by Mia Funk

After Swimming in an Indoor Lake on the First Day of June

by DeWitt Clinton

After the Fall or the Power of Reading

by Reihana Robinson

After The Lion Dance

by Chris Mooney-Singh

Along the Way

by Keith Brabender

An Ode to the Tree Roots: Part III

by Wong Leung Wo, translated from the Chinese by Jessica Siu-yin Yeung

An Urban Inquiry: Three poems

by Rheea Mukherjee


by Rocco de Giacomo

Angkor Three

by Mike Ladd

Another City Which You Leave

by Helle Annette Slutz


by Jeanne Morel


by Amit Shankar Saha


by Nicholas Wong


by Jenna Le


by Stephanie Guo

At Lake Gregory

by Hasanthika Sirisena


by Randy Gonzales

August Green

by Amy Uyematsu

Bad English

by Ouyang Yu

Beautiful Old Country

by Insha Muzafar

Becoming What You're Called

by Lyn Lifshin


by Shivani Sivagurunathan


by Alithini

Benezir Bhutto

by Matthew A. Hamilton

Between Her and Me

by Maysa Vang

Black Theft (Wu Zei)

by Joshua Burns


by Shikhandin

Burying the First Emperor of China

by Bob Bradshaw

Ca-ching China - Hong Kong Roofscape

by Deborah Guzzi

Calcutta Poem

by Bernard Henrie


by Judith Huang

Cao Gio

by Randy Kim


by Brian Urtz

Chinese Box

by Kathlene Postma

Chinese Calligraphic Impressions

by Louis Marvin

Coming Home

by Varsha Saraiya-Shah

Commemoration (1, 2, 5, and 8)

by Wang Jiaxin, translated from the Chinese by Christopher Lupke


by Jennifer Wong


by Suzanne Hermanoczki

Copernicus for a Singaporean Grandmother

by Wena Poon

Couplets from Shaoyang

by Justin Hill

Creation Stories

by Michelle Esquivias

Crossing the River Kwai

by Ira Sukrungruang

Daniel Defoe to His Dead Mistress (ca. 1704)

by Stuart Christie

Dantaal, an Axle Transforms into an Instrument

by Rajiv Mohabir

Dead Drum (Go zzi si)

by Aku Wuwu, translated from Nuosu Yi by Mark Bender, with Aku Wuwu

Death of a Sparrow

by Anirban Chakraborty

Deep Doorway

by Mai Van Phan, translated from the Vietnamese by Lê Đình Nhất-Lang

Dera Ghazi Khan, 1925

by Nabina Das


by Chris Tse


by Annie Zaidi

Discussing Principles of Art With Laotians

by Bryan Thao Worra


by Selina Libi Bjorlie

Don't Eat (or 'Ten Things I'd Find in Arthur Leung's Fridge')

by Suzanne Hermanoczki


by Hao Guang Tse

Dragons Rising

by Jason Eng Hun Lee

Dreams and Dust

by Russell C. Leong

Earthen Houses

by Arthur Leung

Eating a pomegranate in English

by Ishita Basu Mallik


by Dorothy Chan

Ehi Ehi Sina Sina ca. 2005

by Joshua Burns

Emergency Exit

by Todd Swift


by Rosanna Oh

Everything Is

by Aye Wollam

Excerpts from Derangements of My Contemporaries

by Li Shangyin, translated by Chloe Garcia Roberts

Exercise: Unlearning "Heart"

by Catherine Candano

高龗 (Takaokami)

by Zachary Eller

Farewell River Cam

by Clara Hsu

Father and Son

by Stuart Christie

first date at jumbo seafood

by Joshua Ip

First Trip to Asia - Two Poems

by Evelyn A. So


by Yassen Vassilev

Five Poems

by Tom Chandler

Five Poems

by Zhai Yongming, translated from the Chinese by Andrea Lingenfelter

Five Poems

by Duo Duo, translated from the Chinese by Mai Mang

Five sections from Thirty Historical Reflections

by Xi Chuan, translated from the Chinese by Lucas Klein

Five Stones

by Rachael Lum

Flashback Sonnet: B-Film Actress Seeks Lost Bastard Child

by Ranjani Murali

Flower Pepper

by Ting Wei Tai

Flowers are as Permanent as Brick

by Reid Mitchell

Forever Lasting Love

by W.F. Lantry

Forms of Flesh

by Russell C. Leong


by Evelyn A. So 

Four Notes on Freedom and Loss

by Steven Schroeder

Four Poems

by Mani Rao

Four Poems

by Lyn Lifshin

Four Poems

by Billy Collins

Four Poems

by Fatima Lim-Wilson

Four Poems

by Rohith Sundararaman

Four Poems

by DeWitt Clinton

Four Poems

by Du Fu, translated by George Life

Four Translated Poems

by Patrick Donnelly and Stephen D. Miller

Four Trees and Three Seas

by Aku Wuwu, translated from Nuosu Yi by Mark Bender, with Aku Wuwu. Introduction by Mark Bender

Freeing Atlas

by Amylia Grace

From 'The Day the Sun Rolled Out of the Sky'

by Phill Provance

From 'The Mental Life of Cities'

by Eddie Tay


by Leondrea Tan

Ghost Girls

by Phoebe Tsang

Ghost Husband

by Renée M. Schell

Ginger Flower Woman

by Elbert S.P. Lee


by Melody S. Gee

Going Back to the Island

by Arlene Yandug

Going Up the Country

by Tao Yuanming, reinterpreted by Reid Mitchell

Hand Movements of a Puppeteer

by Aryanil Mukherjee


by Mariejoy San Buenaventura

Her Bruises were the Colour of Egg Plant

by John McKernan

her story

by Winnie Chau

His Old Man Suit

by John Biggs

Home on the Range / Beppu, Japan

by Deborah Guzzi

Hong Kong Diocesan Girls School Student, Age Six

by Stephanie Han

Hong Kong in Black Today

by Shirley Geok-lin Lim

Hong Kong Trilogy

by Reid Mitchell 

Hot Cha

text by Nicholas Wong, photo by Leon Lai


by David Braden

How Hong Kong Was Made

by Birgit Linder

Huang Yong Ping

by Joshua Burns

Hunchback Rat of the Red Star Hotel

by Marc Vincenz

I Planted A Banana Tree Outside My Window

by Reid Mitchell

If You Let It Be

by Camille Hong Xin

Imprisonment in the Wooden Building

by Anonymous, translated by Michael Gray

In Memory of Leung Ping-Kwan

by Iris Fan

In the Shadows of Pagodas

by Pui Ying Wong


by Krishnakumar Sankaran

India, the River

by Ankur Agarwal

Inside the Mouth of the Sundarbans Tiger

by Lisa Alexander Baron

Iron Arthritis

by Reid Mitchell

Issa and the Buddha – Ten Haiku

by Kobayashi Issa, translated by Nicholas Francis


by Neobie Gonzalez

Jilin, circa 1261

by Sam Byfield


by Samuel Arizpe

Kids Everywhere and You and Me in Nowhere

by Isabela Banzon

Kundalini Poem

by Julia Gordon-Bramer


by Michael Gray, translated from the Chinese by Michael Gray

Lamprocapnos Spectabilis

by Janice Ko Luo

Late Speaker

by Jeffrey Thomas Leong

Letter to a Prominent Korean Man And to You

by Shirley Lee

Letter to Queen Victoria from the People of Hong Kong, 2012

by Michael Gray

Letter to Ru Yi, the River-Merchant’s Wife

by Luca L.

Li Po in Exile

by Bob Bradshaw

Li Po's Drowning

by Bob Bradshaw

Like Meeting a Vietnamese Soldier from the American War

by B.B.P. Hosmillo

Limahong: Epic

by Xiao Pinpin

Literal Translation of Korean Ideograms

by Ricky Garni

Little Boy Analects

by David Sutherland


by W.F. Lantry

Love: Made in China

by Sumana Roy

Lumpia Family Politics

by Amalia B. Bueno

Making Mines Frires

by Dominique Ahkong

Makura no Soshi

by Kenneth Alewine

Mango Trees

by Christian Benitez

Me Rabbit

by Les Wicks

Meeting the Christians in Gejiu

by Mike Frick


by Camille Rivera


by Graeme Brasher


by Donna Vorreyer


by Ae Hee Lee Kim


by Chip Dameron

moments before they take him away

by Sridala Swami

Mother’s Instructions To A Daughter Who Wishes to Write

by Ranu Uniyal

Mountain Rocks

by Mike Farman

Muse, Burma

by Aye Wollam

My Last Yankee

by Reid Mitchell

My Uniform is Dirty

by Arthur Leung


by David W. Landrum

No More Space for the Pain

by Richard L. Provencher

Notes for a Minor Photography (A Hong Kong Delirium)

by Eddie Tay, with photography by the author

Notes from Travels in China, I

by Peters Bruveris , translated from the original Latvian by Inara Cedrins

Notes Outside Your Window

by Gillian Sze

Ode to Poetry

by Divya Rajan

Of the Moth

by Larry Lefkowitz

Old Shikumen Gate

by Adam Radford

On Birds

by Miroslav Kirin

On Bittersweet Guiyuan

by Karen An-hwei Lee

On Encountering Jean-Claude Van Damme

by Andrew Barker

On Giving Birth to Your Daughter

by Bob Bradshaw

On Meeting the Mother of MichaelAngelo

by Michael O’Sullivan

On Reading the Poet Milosz

by Mathew Joseph

Opening on the Dance Floor

by James Shea

Opium Smoker Remembers his Daughters

by Pey Pey Oh


by Elizabeth Schultz

Out of the Dark

by Kelly Cressio-Moeller

Painted Dreams

by He Qifang, translated by Canaan Morse

Panda, Macao, Gondolas

by Nicholas Wong


by Luisa A. Igloria


by Ocean Vuong


by Vineet Kaul

Photographs Under Plastic Sheets

by Jim Pascual Agustin

Pigeon Cage Blues

by Clara Hsu

Pingjiang Road

by Ashley Dean


by Bryan Thao Worra

Platform No. 9

by Marina Ma

Poem Composed Entirely with Last Lines in James Laughlin Poems

by James Valvis

Poem of the Pillow

by Robert E. Wood

Por Por

by Chris Tse

Preface to a Pornographer's Dirty Book

by Kristine Ong Muslim


by Joppan George


by David W. Landrum

Rain Over Singapore

by Lucía Damacela

Rainbow Bridge

by W.F. Lantry


by Anna Yin

Razminovenie, or Nonmeeting

by Jee Leong Koh

Remember How the Night is Elsewhere Void in the Metamorphosis of Man

by B.B.P. Hosmillo


by Marco Yan

Resurfacing a Football Pitch, Shanghai

by Michael Gray


by Aditi Rao

Rite of Passage

by Rocco de Giacomo


by Meg Eden

Sai Ying Pun Sestina

by Kate Rogers

Sample 70215, 84

by R. Joseph Capet


by Eleanor Goodman

Sapphics for Hue  

by Ken Turner

Sayang Airwell

by Heng Siok Tian


by Jean YeoJin Sung

Sea Level at Midnight

by Todd Swift

See Your Breath

by Sean Wiebe


by Elizabeth Schultz

Selections from the Daodejing: 11. Worth-less

by Laozi, translated by Michael O'Hara

Selections from The Dream Horse

by Wendy Xu

Self Portrait as Man Stuck Inside Karaoke Video

by Chen Chen

Setting A Mood: Track Two on Your Standard Jazz Album

by Joshua Burns

Seven Poems

by Du Mu, translated by Eleanor Goodman

Shanghai Pensées (Night thoughts)

by David Raphael Israel

She Said She Couldn't See To Walk Easily

by Lyn Lifshin

She Shirked Calendula Trails

by Divya Rajan

Shenzhen, Three Times

by Steven Schroeder

Siem Reap, Cambodia

by Greg Santos

Silk Road

by W.F. Lantry


by Reid Mitchell

Six Poems from Ancestral Worship

by David Mckirdy

Smashing up the Grand Piano

by Martin Alexander

smoking double happiness at the grand stage dinner & dance

by viki holmes


by Ashok Niyogi


by Angela Gabrielle Fabunan


by Bernard Henrie

Sonia Wants to Rent an Apartment

by José Manuel Sevilla

Sonnet 143. Phantom Memories

by Andrew Barker

Sonnet II

by Gillian Sze


by Piera Chen


by Michael O'Sullivan

Su Sung's Heavenly Clockwork

by Stephen Cloud


by Miho Kinnas

Suicide Bugs

by Isabel Yap

Suicide Note

by Anuradha Vijayakrishnan

Sun and Moon

by Lucy Lu

Sunday Dinner with the Loc Family on the Mekong River

by Jimmy Pappas

Surpanakha to Sita

by Anu Elizabeth Roche


by Geralyn Pinto

Sylvia Plath, Awaiting Our Applause

by Maurice Oliver

Taizōkai (Womb World)

by Joshua Burns

Tan Yunxian 1461-1554

by David W. Landrum

Taoist Forms in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel

by Timothy Kaiser

Tea Leaves

by Jess C Scott

The Ballad of Great-Uncle Chi

by Jenna Le

The Castle Looms Blue

by Ravi Shankar and Joseph Stanton

The City Park

by Maj Ikle

The Clothesline

by Grace V. S. Chin

The Emptying Room

by Amy Uyematsu

The Expat's Partner: An Email

by Alistair Noon

The Extravagance

 by Tim Suermondt

The Farmer Express

by J.H. Martin

The Gift of Chin Mu

by Cathy Bryant

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

by Linda Whittenberg

The Gypsy Woman of the Cooum

by Rumjhum Biswas

The Hong Lim Suite

by Tristan Coleshaw

The Legend of Miaoshan: Kuan Yin Remembers Her Marriage Discussion

by Pey Pey Oh

The Lie

by Ashok Gupta

The Mirror Logic According to Flemish

by Tiziano Fratus

The Mourning Months

by Shirley Geok-lin Lim

The Old Cemetery

by Richard L. Luftig

The Origin of the Sun

by Matthew A. Hamilton

The Refugees Are Here

by Vinita Agrawal

The River-Merchant's Wife: Her Last Letter

by Judith Toler

The Seamstress' Goodbye to Liu

by Andrew Barker

The Solitude of Being in One Place at a Time

by Arjun Rajendran

The Tarsier

by Ricky Garni

The Way of Tea

by Dan Encarnacion

There is, in it

by Todd Swift

There's Always Things to Come Back to the Kitchen for

by Alison Wong

This Wall Survived Because it Stayed Useful

by Aditi Rao

Three Adaptations from Kenneth Rexroth's 100 Poems from the Chinese

by DeWitt Clinton

Three Improvisations

by Zhang Taozhou, translated from the original Chinese by Nick Admussen

Three Photos on Your Travels

by Agnes Lam

Three Poems

by Leung Ping Kwan, reinterpreted from the original Chinese by Arthur Leung

Three Poems

by Alvin Pang

Three Poems

by Louise Ho

Three Poems

by Toh Hsien Min

Three Poems

by Louie Crew

Three Poems

by Iris A. Law

Three Poems

by C. P. Stewart

Three Poems

by Mai Mang, translated from the Chinese by the author

Three Poems

by Joanne Lee

Three Poems

by Sean Prentiss

Three Poems

by Eliot Weinberger

Three Poems

by Wang Zang, translated by Jessica Yeung

Three Poems

by Louise Ho

Three Poems

by Ya Shi, translated from the Chinese by Nick Admussen

Three Poems from Ancestral Worship

by David McKirdy

Three Poems from Letters to Samārā

by Vineet Kaul

Three Poems from The Interior Landscape

ancient Tamil love poetry translated by A.K. Ramanjuan


by Arlene Kim

To John Lyman and the Portrait of his Father

by Gillian Sze

To the State Electrical Worker

by Robert Masterson

Tokyo Winter, 1996

by Stephanie Han

Tokyo, Obon Week

by Margaret Stawowy

Two Haiku Sequences

by Belle Ling Hoi Ching

Two Macau Poems

by Papa Osmubal

Two Orchard Poems

by David C.E. Tneh

Two Poems

by Arlene Ang

Two Poems

by Kavita Jindal 

Two Poems

by Michelle Cahill

Two Poems

by Yibing Huang

Two Poems

by Anindita Sengupta

Two Poems

by Gilbert Koh

Two Poems

by Lee Herrick

Two Poems

by Steven Schroeder

Two Poems

by Inara Cedrins

Two Poems

by Ching-In Chen

Two Poems

by Blair Reeve

Two Poems

by Alan Jefferies

Two Poems

by Luisa A. Igloria

Two Poems

by Vaughan Rapatahana

Two Poems

by Ivy Alvarez

Two Poems

by Lillian Kwok

Two Poems

by Divya Rajan

Two Poems

by Ng Yi-Sheng

Two Poems

by Caroline Bird

Two Poems

by Richard Luftig

Two Poems

by Daniel Bowman Jr.

Two Poems

by Angela Eun Ji Koh

Two Poems

by Robert E. Wood

Two Poems

by Brenton Rossow

Two Poems

by Desh Balasubramaniam

Two Poems

by Fiona Tinwei Lam

Two Poems

by Peauladd Huy

Two Poems

by Kim-An Lieberman

Two Poems

by Mary-Jane Newton

Two Poems

by Changming Yuan

Two Poems

by Ming Di, translated from the Chinese by Ming Di and Tony Barnstone

Two Poems

by Chen Dongdong , translated from the Chinese by Eleanor Goodman and Ao Wang

Two Poems

by Kang Cheng, translated from the Chinese by Vivienne Guo and Ralph Parfect

Two Poems

by Shu Cai, translated from the Chinese by Gao Xing, Zhang Er and Leonard Schwartz

Two Poems

by Zang Di, translated from the Chinese by Ming Di

Two Poems

by Xiao Kaiyu, translated from the Chinese by Christopher Lupke

Two Poems

by John McKernan

Two Poems

by Anuradha Vijayakrishnan

Two Poems

by Mia Ayumi Malhotra

Two Poems

by Chris Santiago

Two Poems

by Joseph O. Legaspi

Two Poems

by Ken Turner

Two Poems

by Leanne Dunic

Two Poems

by Julia Cariño

Two Poems

by Daryl Qilin Yam

Two Poems

by Sarah Stanton

Two Poems

by Eleanor Goodman

Two Poems

by Nicholas Francis

Two Poems

by Ken Turner

Two Poems

by John Wall Barger

Two Poems

by Tracy Koretsky

Two Poems

by Anna Yin, art by Mia Funk

Two Poems

by Yau Ching

Two Poems

by Mark Anthony Cayanan, art by Mia Funk

Two Poems

by Barbara Boches

Two Poems

by Stuart Greenhouse

Two Poems

by Arjun Rajendran

Two Poems

by Kate Rogers

Two Poems

by Marjorie Evasco

Two Poems

by Joshua Burns

Two Poems

by Shamim Reza, translated by Dulal Al Monsur

Two Poems

by Eleanor Goodman

Two Poems

by Stephanie V Sears

Two Poems

by W.F. Lantry

Two Poems

from Shijing (Book of Songs), translated by Michael Farman

Two Poems

by Liu Yong, translated by Michael Farman

Two Poems

by Xi Chuan, translated by Lucas Klein

Two Poems

by Xiao Kaiyu, translated by Christopher Lupke

Two Poems

by Mingjuan Tan

Two Poems

by Eileen Chong

Two Poems

by Edward Ragg

Two Poems

by Daryl Lim Wei Jie

Two Poems

by Susan Kelly-DeWitt

Two Poems

by Marco Yan

Two Poems

by Margaret Chula

Two Poems

by Sohini Dey

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