Poetry / August 2009 (Issue 8)

Notes Outside Your Window

by Gillian Sze

Love arrives and dies in all disguises
-Michael Ondaatje
I looked up at your window,
        (so bright-eyed, poised and observant)
until you walked past its gaze.
        How I wished I could mistake you for a stranger.

I watched the familiar bones of your hand
cup somebody else's yawn.

        An ugly mouth with no right.
                Those lips know no luck.

Then the window blinked.
A curtain swished a floral face:

        two hanging pots for eyes,
        their falling tendrils linked into a nose

        the orchid on a table, a certain smile.

A review of Gillian Sze's Fish Bones is available in this issue (issue #8) of Cha.

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