Poetry / September 2012 (Issue 18)

The Tarsier

by Ricky Garni

 sounds so french.
it's really from asia.

it jumps from tree to tree.

the tarsier eye is as large as its brain.

it likes to go out at night
and is oh so furry.

it eats the meat of insects.

can you imagine being an insect,
playing cards or something,
and suddenly there is this tarsier right there?

there are a number of things that make this tiny primate
interesting but just when you start to think like a scientist
you see his cute little pink nose and can’t think like a scientist

you don’t hear his scream as he jumps towards you
but make no mistake: it jumps towards you

guided by crazy eyes
if you are made of meat naturally
things will happen that beg apology

try to make a tarsier apologise
it's impossible
just plain impossible

but that’s not the point of tarsiers
not the point not the point at all
the point of the tarsier is:

they make insects scream and die
and have big green eyes filled with trees
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