Poetry / March 2015 (Issue 27)

Three Poems

by Louise Ho

(April 2009)

I watched it on T.V. news bulletin
In the MTR carriage
One early Saturday morning

A young man
Strode up
To the young woman driver
And threw fast punches at her
One lightning bash after another
Even when held back
By another passenger
Again and again and again

Apparently the bus had braked sharply
Possibly knocking him about badly

What begun as venting of blind fury
Ended with unexpected finality
She was taken to hospital and died


It’s said one plus one equals two;
Or, from here to eternity
In a straight line, as the crow flew;
Or, butterflies dancing prettily
Lost in their wings of shimmering hue___
All lies, but without perfidy,
Merely like saying the sky is blue.
Therefore, ask not what is reality,
Perceived fact may not in fact be true.

___No two things in nature are EXACTLY identical, one plus one equals two is a working fiction.
___Eternity is not a place.
___Physically, the sky is colourless, the blue comes from refracted light in the atmosphere.
___Physically, butterfly wings are colourless, perceived colours result from fractured light from the wings’ scales.)


Muse muse a-musing I will go
Up hill and down dale high and low

Slicing through the city’s densities
Looking for various eccentricities

Then chill out in the wilds of the N.T.
Take to walking climbing breathing free

Scoping and singing of the city
Perhaps to amuse fitfully
With one or two occasional ditty
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