Poetry / November 2009 (Issue 9)

Three Poems

by C. P. Stewart

I Will Always Remember

the smell of you -

like morning dew
on a green apple.

Sixteen years old
and a new-made thing.

I closed my eyes
to breathe you in,

 but you were gone...

like morning dew
from a green apple.

Read "A cup of Fine Tea: C.P. Stewart's "I Will Always Remember"" here.

The Adulterer

Yes, yes, yes,
the pale moon pressed,
as I crouched beneath your window
weighing gravel in my fist.

The hills stood silent as I rose,
and in all those stars not one word was written.

Exordium – IV Isi

Welcome to The Storm
Grab yourself a Coat of Stars
Welcome to the Story so Far
Welcome to the Foothills of The White Desire

Welcome to The Mystery
Welcome to The Woods
Welcome to These Hearts of Oak
Welcome to The Corridors in The Blood
Welcome to The Histories of Sleep
To The Mist and The Myth and The Sleepers in The Deep
Welcome to That Kiss at The Brink of The World

Welcome to The Worm with The Rose in his Teeth
Welcome to The Gypsy's flashing heel

Welcome to The Sweep of God
Welcome to The Purple Hills and The Valleys of Gold
Welcome to The Wheat in Flood
Welcome to The Harvest of The Souls
Welcome to The Smoke down in The Raspberry Grove

 Let me see you to The Corner by The Broken Gate

Welcome to The Front
Welcome to This Foreign Field
Welcome to The Naked Deal

Stick by my sleeve
Welcome to The Dreams of Kings and The Wayside Dust
Welcome to The Joker in The Corn

 O, I wish you Every Wonder under The Spilling Apron of The Sky

Welcome to The Privilege of Form
Welcome to The Gravity of Grace
Welcome to this Anvil of The Pure
Welcome to The Majesty of Eagles
 and The Uncast Shadow of The Cross

Welcome to The Hush at Sparrowcount

Welcome to this Hallowing of Earth
Welcome to this Feast of Clowns
Welcome to The Waste and Glory and The Raging Beauty of it All

Grab yourself a Flagon of Tears
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