Poetry / November 2011 (Issue 15)

Makura no Soshi

by Kenneth Alewine

I. Spring
It is the hour of the snake,
and the moonlight
follows the thawing brush in the pillow
book – plum blossoms with snow
hibernating thoughts
emerging from the dream.
A woman wears jolts
of lavender and blue
vibrant electric wisterias.

II. Summer
It is the hour of the rat
shaved ice and sweet clove fans
red maple leaf Kimono,
the court fashions windsock
mystery seasons.

III. Autumn
It is the hour of the boar
in drained fields, where peasants harvest
the paddies – autumn is tuned
to the broadside of cold winds.

IV. Winter
It is the hour of the ox
the lattice opens
and the blinds are rolled up.
Embers in the brazier
keep the view.
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