2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West: Photographs of the World

by Roger Camp

A Monk and A Girl

by Kathlene Postma

A Road for Two

by Chris Leung

A Tribute to Hong Kong

by Lynn van der Velden-Elliott

Abandoned School

by Joy Chan

Admiralty, Hong Kong, 10th October 2014

by David William Hill

Admiralty, Hong Kong, 12th October 2014

by David William Hill

All China's Fast-food Dreams

by Sabrina Merolla

All Those Buttons

by Bo Wong

Analysis Paralysis

by Eddie Tay

Apparition of These Faces

by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr

Artistic Hong Kong

by Bo Wong

As If Nothing Had Happened

by Chris Leung

Baijaibei (100 good wishes quilt)

by Marie Yip Wai Shan

Bamboo, Lotus, Moon

by Papa Osmubal

Beijing Beyond Tradition

by Christopher Szabla

Belleville Sunset

by Johanna Audiffred


by Lucy Schappy

Black and White Paintings

by Jim Fuess

Bleak Shores

by Franky Lau

Blue of Kenting

by Marie Yip Wai Shan

Botanic Demeanors

by Steve Wing

Celestial Spheres

by Enrica Ho


by Anton S. Kandinsky

China-ism II: Democracy or Economy? (Curatorial Introduction)

by David Rong

Chinese Paintings

by Joey Li

City Lantern

by Mark Stringer

Collected Moons

by Dave Bonta

Confucius House Bed

by Adam Aitken

Conveying Distance

by Loh Yi Cheng

Demolition: Second History

by Zhang Dali

Demolition: Zhang Dali in Conversation (Artist Interview)

translated from the Chinese by Mai Mang


by Alvin Pang


by Kimberley Mok

Dreamy Japan

by Yves Rubin

Dusk, Lantau

by Kevin Chan

Flight of Toads

by Priyadarshi Patnaik

Government Office Topography

by May Dy

Grandma's Things

by Matthew Wong


by Ai Weiwei


by Yip Wai Shan

Homecoming II

by Yip Wai Shan

Hong Kong Light

by David Clarke

Hong Kong: A Decade in Transition: January 1997 to February 2007

by Victoria Law

Hot Cha

photo by Leon Lai, text by Nicholas Y.B. Wong


by Matthew Wong

Hyacinth Girl

by Roberutsu

I Do Haiku You

by Sean Lotman


by Mary Lee

Jump Over the Wall of History (Art Review)

by Mai Mang

Little Boxes on the Hills and Trees on a Cloudy Day

by Christopher Siemer

Little Things

by Marie Yip Wai Shan

Locks of China

by Shara K. Johnson

Macao - People At Work

by Kevin Chan

Macau Photos

by Papa Osmubal

Maoist Transitions

by John Fredricks

Memories of Asia

by Aya Padron

Motionless Movement

by Geoffrey Miller


by Mark Malby

naiheyou / Across

by Mary Lo

Natural Mirrors

by Gil Azouri

Ngau Tau Kok

by Kevin Chan


by Alvin Pang

Outré Singapore

by James Bent

Outskirts of Hong Kong

by Pilot Chu


by Edgar Yuanbo Mao

Oyster Woman

by Janny Leung

Painted Skies

by Steve Wing


by Amy Cheng


by Marie Yip Wai Shan

Photo Stories

by David Whitton

Photography Folio

by Isadora Filković


by Hu Jiamin


by Ji Shengli

Post-80s in the Eyes of Post-80s

by Mary Lee

Prairie Pastiche

by Franky Lau

Puja: the Art of Hindu Prayer

photography by Tom Carter, captions by Hong Mei

Quiet Rural Hong Kong

by Eddie Tay


by Vikas Malhotra

Reproducing Nature

by Franky Lau


by Sabrina Merolla


by Steve Ausherman


by Mia Funk


by Steve Ausherman

Seattle Asia Town

by Allen Forrest

Selection from Pictures of Nothing at All

by Christopher (Kit) Kelen


by Mark Malby

Silhouette Painting

by Annysa Ng


by Rohith Sundararaman

Slice of Time

by Divya Adusumilli


by Franky Lau


by Franky Lau


by Mark Malby

Subzero New York

by Zheng Lianjie


by Mary Lee

Temple, Ho Chi Minh City

by Surajit Chakravarty

Texting Nostalgic for Kathmandu

by Jyoti Omi Chowdhury

The Art of Staying at Home

by Marie Yip Wai Shan

The Gaslight Haiku Series

by Christopher Leibow

The Golden Age

by Matthew Wong

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