Contributors / July 2011 (Issue 14)

Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky
ImageAnton Skorubsky Kandinsky was born into a family of artists on May 30, 1960 in Crimea, Ukraine. He studied at The Children's Art School, the Crimean Specialized Art School in Simferopol in 1971-1975 and at the Simferopol Samokisha Art College in 1975-1979. He was a private art student of Yevsey Yevseyevich Moiseyenko in St. Petersburg, as well as at the Ukrainian Art Academy (Kyiv State Art Institute), where he studied at the Monumental Department, studio of V. Chekaniuk and M. Storozhenko in 1980-1986. Kandinsky graduated from the Academy with a Masters of Fine Art degree in 1986 (also known as Chornobyl Year Graduation). In 1998 he emigrated to America. In 2004 in New York, Kandinsky started the new art movement which he called "Gemism". The artist now lives and works in New York. [View]

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