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1. In Omiya
(October 2017/Poetry)
by Phyllis Wax From the time they invaded Northeast China in 1931 and the rest of China in 1937, throughout World War II, Japanese troops massacred civilians, tortured captives and raped youn

2. Phyllis Wax
(October 2017/Contributors)
Phyllis Wax writes in Milwaukee on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Among the anthologies and journals in which her poetry has appeared are The Widows' Handbook, Birdsong, Spillway, Peacock Jour

3. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(October 2017/Front page)
...n Hao​, Joshua Burns​, Jenny Wong, Adam Radford​, William Woolfitt​, Leath Tonino​, Zilka Joseph​, Phyllis Wax, Min Lim​, ​Colin Webb​,​ Ian Heffernan​, Judith Huang FICTION: Sa...

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