Front page / October 2017 (Issue 37)

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

Issue 37 of Cha is now available. We would like to thank Jenna Le (poetry) and Wawa (prose) for reading the submissions with us and helping us put together ​the new edition. We would also like to thank Eddie Tay for the great selection of reviews. The editorial, "Silence Like A Cancer Grows," is by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming.
The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work:

 POETRY: Lawrence Lacambra Ypil​, Shadab Zeest Hashmi​, Natalie Linh Bolderston​, See Wern Hao​, Joshua Burns​, Jenny Wong, Adam Radford​, William Woolfitt​, Leath Tonino​, Zilka Joseph​, Phyllis Wax, Min Lim​, ​Colin Webb​,​ Ian Heffernan​, Judith Huang
FICTION: Sagnik Datta​,​ Nidhi Arora​, Hari Ravikumar
CREATIVE NON-FICTION: Lee Tse Mei​,​ Bill Vernon, Ting J Yiu
PHOTOGRAPHY & ART: Ng Joon Kiat, Yanyun Chen, Katie Wong Nga Ki (cover artist), ​Leah Oates​, Roland Buckingham-Hsiao
BOOK REVIEWS: Michael Tsang​, Matt Turner, Collier Nogues​, Kay Sexton​, William Noseworthy​, ​Kevin Tan Kwan Wei​, Grace Chia, Wong Wen P​u,​ Paoi Hwang​, Aaron Chan, Smita Sahay
Our next issue, "Writing Hong Kong" (tenth anniversary issue), is scheduled for publication in December 2017. We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 39 (March 2018) and entries for the "Auditory Cortex" Poetry Contest (closing date: 28 February 2018). 
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