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1. Hong Kong Howl
(December 2017/Poetry)
...r the King Bonsai of Sai Kung near the Sai Kung bakery Where they still made egg tarts the traditional way. Alvin Pang, the baker in his off-whites, Brought burning trays of freshly baked bolobao ...

2. A City of Poets
(October 2017/Reviews)
...ttled with every punctuation pause in every family story …  ("Tell me the story") For Alvin Pang, Singapore consists of a bunch of smaller locations, represented by a set of co...

3. Alvin Pang
(June 2017/Contributors)
Alvin Pang is a poet, writer and editor from Singapore. He is a Fellow of the Iowa International Writing Program and an advisor to the International Poetry Studies Institute. Listed in the Oxford Comp

4. Teacher Say Must Show Working
(June 2017/Poetry)
by Alvin Pang At the cafe in Kyoto, 毅+明 look at owls。 毅 f(look) var(Owl|various) + 明 f(look) var(Owl|various)。 Also: 毅 f(pet) var(Cat|Bengal) + 明 f(pet) var(Cat|Bengal) on a combo ti

...;Private," to our horror we awoke the next day to find 200 people in the group. Nevertheless, ringleader Alvin Pang tossed out the first writing prompt, and drawn by the increasingly perverse cha...

by Grant Hamilton   Alvin Pang and Ravi Shankar (editors), Union: 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing from Singapore, Ethos Books and Drunken Boat, 2015. 640 pgs.   Union: 15

...m or workshop teaching tool for all age ranges. The prompts run the gamut from, as editor Joshua Ip describes Alvin Pang's contributions, the "micromanagement of the individual word," to...

8. Doorknob
(December 2013/Photography)
by Alvin Pang "Doorknob" is the cover image of issue #22 of Cha.

9. Alvin Pang
(December 2013/Contributors)
Alvin Pang (Singapore, b. 1972) is an award‐winning poet, writer, editor, anthologist, and translator. He has been translated into over fifteen languages, and has appeared in festivals and publicati

by Carolyn Lau Yeng Pway Ngon (with Alvin Pang and Goh Beng Choo as transcreators),     Poems 1 (Rebellion), The Literary Centre, 2010. 37 pgs.     Poems 2 (Person

11. Alvin Pang
(March 2012/Contributors)
Alvin Pang (b. 1972, Singapore) is a poet, writer, editor, anthologist, and translator. His poetry has been translated into over fifteen languages, and he has appeared in major festivals and anthologi

12. Numbers
(March 2012/Photography)
by Alvin Pang

13. Alvin Pang
(September 2010/Contributors)
Alvin Pang is a lifelong image junkie and trafficker, but usually smuggles them through poems. A poet, writer, editor (and occasional photographer) based in Singapore, he has appeared in major festiva

14. We Belong Together
(September 2010/Photography)
by Alvin Pang "Wall in Namdaemum Market" is the cover image of issue #12 of Cha.

...the importance of having more interaction and collaboration between writers of different languages. Edited by Alvin Pang, Tumasik contains contributions from thirty-nine Singaporean writers who write ...

16. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(September 2010/Front page)
...Biswas and Clara Hsu Fiction: Elizabeth Weinberg, David William Hill and Robert Raymer Photography & art: Alvin Pang (Cover artist), Mark Stringer, Yip Wai Shai and Mary Lee Essays: Margaret Hui L...

17. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2012/Front page)
...n: Chris Galvin Nguyen, Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner, Vineet Kaul, Vijit Gupta Photography & art: Joy Chan, Alvin Pang, Kimberly Mok, Marie Yip Wai Shan (cover artist) Book reviews: Harshana Rambukw...

18. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2013/Front page)
...hanh Ha Articles: Jonathan Stalling, Michael Tsang Creative non-fiction: Pavle Radonic Photography & art: Alvin Pang (cover artist), Adam Aitken Our next issue, the belated Sixth Anniversary Issu...

19. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2017/Front page)
...alebsky, Michael O'Sullivan, Naha Kanie, Hiromitsu Koiso, Eluned Gramich, Jeff Alessandrelli, Yoko Danno, Alvin Pang, Zoria April, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Trane DeVore, Joshua Ip, Loren Goodman ...

20. Alvin Pang
(February 2008/Contributors)
Alvin Pang is a poet, writer and editor based in Singapore. His publications include Testing the Silence (Ethos Books 1997) and City of Rain (Ethos Books 2003). He has also coedited several antho

21. Three Poems
(February 2008/Poetry)
by Alvin Pang Patience At 9 he planted a clutch of seed blooms, carefully observed their daily frenzy. At 22 he began recording the story of the river which ran behind his house, down from the foot

22. Covers
(Covers/Cover Gallery)
...Priyadarshi Patnaik. Cover image 10 © Roberutsu. Cover image 11 © Jim Fuess. Cover image 12 © Alvin Pang. Cover image 13 © Annysa Ng. Cover image 14 © Ji Shengli. Cover image...

23. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(February 2008/Front page)
...Agnes Lam, Mary Lee, Janny Leung, Mark Malby, Debra Moffitt, Chris Mooney-Singh, Ashok Niyogi, Alistair Noon, Alvin Pang, Kay Sexton, Mark Stringer, Todd Swift, Mag Tan and Eddie Tay. Cha is currentl...

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