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1. Akin Jeje
(December 2016/Contributors)
Canadian poet Akin Jeje lives in Hong Kong. His works have been published and featured in Canada and Hong Kong. His poetry collection Smoked Pearl was a semi-finalist for the 2009 International Pro

2. Reach
(December 2016/Peel Street)
by Akin Jeje, finalist of the Peel Street Poetry Slam Contest 2016 Reach. Reach high for the sky. Reach so high that fingers part in trembling fear, Kneeling on the cold tarmac, waiting for the

...continue to be organised through OutLoud and the Peel Street Poets (another regular poetry reading emceed by Akin Jeje on the Wednesday evenings when OutLoud does not meet) and by Kubrick. (Pict...

by Viona Au Yeung Akin Jeje, Smoked Pearl, Proverse, 2010. 117 pgs. Jason S. Polley, refrain, Proverse, 2010. 67 pgs. Mary-Jane Newton, Of Symbols Misused, Proverse, 2011. 86 pgs.   "I

by Akin Jeje Pui Ying Wong, Yellow Plum Season, NYQ Books, 2010. 92 pgs. Pui Ying Wong's Yellow Plum Season is the work of a modern-day Romantic who brings nuance and passion to everyday lives,

by Akin Jeje Jennifer S. Cheng, Invocation: An Essay, New Michigan Press, 2010. 42 pgs. Spare, eloquent and hesitant, yet charged with an immense determination, Cheng's poetic essay intertwin

7. Akin Jeje
(November 2011/Contributors)
Akin Jeje was born in the United States of Nigerian to Kenyan parents in the early 1970s. Raised in diverse locations around the world from Nigeria and the United States to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, J

8. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(November 2011/Front page)
...iews: Douglas Kerr, Glen Jennings, Alice Tsay, Michael Tsang, Eva Leung, Viona Au Yeung, William Noseworthy, Akin Jeje   We are currently calling for submissions for Issue #18. Deadline: 15 June...

9. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2016/Front page)
...n Rees Peel Street Poetry: Tegan Smyth, Denis Tsoi, Angus Gallagher, Steph Carter, Akin Jeje, Vishal Nanda Fiction: Krishna Ramanujan, Kyoko Yoshida, Kit ...

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