Translation / December 2013 (Issue 22)

Two Poems

by Xi Chuan, translated by Lucas Klein

Three Poems from The Interior Landscape

ancient Tamil love poetry translated by A.K. Ramanjuan

Going Up the Country

by Tao Yuanming, reinterpreted by Reid Mitchell

Four Poems

by Du Fu, translated by George Life

Painted Dreams

by He Qifang, translated by Canaan Morse

Imprisonment in the Wooden Building

by Anonymous, translated by Michael Gray

Two Poems

by Xiao Kaiyu, translated by Christopher Lupke

Two Poems

by Shamim Reza, translated by Dulal Al Monsur

Issa and the Buddha – Ten Haiku

by Kobayashi Issa, translated by Nicholas Francis

Two Poems

by Liu Yong, translated by Michael Farman

Two Poems

from Shijing (Book of Songs), translated by Michael Farman

Selections from the Daodejing: 11. Worth-less

by Laozi, translated by Michael O'Hara

Seven Poems

by Du Mu, translated by Eleanor Goodman

Excerpts from Derangements of My Contemporaries

by Li Shangyin, translated by Chloe Garcia Roberts

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