Translation / December 2013 (Issue 22)

Two Poems

by Liu Yong, translated by Michael Farman

Brahman Song

last night
I slept in my clothes
the same again
a few more drinks
by the first watch
out cold!

after midnight
what disturbed me?
freezing weather
a wind gust
rattled windows
the lamp spluttered

tossing turning in my empty bed
again those memories
of making love
no further rest!
a multitude of feelings

so close although so far apart
days of sunshine
deliver futile longings
loving was our great mistake

婆 羅 門 令

昨 宵 裏
恁 和 衣 睡
今 宵 裏
又 恁 和 衣 睡
小 飲 歸 來
初 更 過
醺 醺 醉
中 夜 後
何 事 還 驚 起
霜 天 冷
風 細 細
觸 疏 窗
閃 閃 燈 搖 曳

空 床 展 轉 重 追 想
雲 雨 夢
任 倚 枕 難 繼
寸 心 萬 緒
咫 尺 千 里
好 景 良 天
彼 此 空 有 相 憐 意
未 有 相 憐 計

Calm Wind and Waves

Since spring arrived
with pitiful green
miserable red
this tender heart's in turmoil

the sun's above the blossom branches
orioles hop through willows
here am I
still lying on my perfumed quilt
bosom deep
glossy hair-clouds tangled
too bored to comb and make up

can't help it
that fickle fool has left me
there's no more news

I should have known it
how I now regret
I didn't lock his precious saddle

I could have sat him by the window
found brush and paper
busied him with poetry

if we were back together
I'd find my needlework and sit with him
and so avoid
a young life lived in emptiness

定 風 波

自 春 來
慘 綠 愁 紅
芳 心 是 事 可 可
日 上 花 梢
鶯 穿 柳 帶
猶 壓 香 衾 臥
暖 酥 消
膩 雲 嚲
終 日 厭 厭 倦 梳 裹
無 那
恨 薄 情 一 去
音 信 無 箇

早 知 恁 麼
悔 當 初
不 把 雕 鞍 鎖
向 雞 窗
只 與 蠻 牋 象 管
拘 束 教 吟 課
鎮 相 隨
莫 拋 躲
針線 閑 拈 伴 伊 坐
和 我
免 使 年 少 光 陰 虛 過
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