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...xander Roitburd and Yuri Solomko (Ukraine), Alexey Salmanov (Russia), Ai Weiwei, Zheng Lianjie, Zhang Hongtu, Zhang Dali, Ji Shengli, Chen Weiming (China), Lorenz Haarmann (Germany) and Robert Bery (I...

translated from the Chinese by Mai Mang The following is an excerpt of an interview with Zhang Dali (see some of his works in this issue of Cha) by Mai Mang, David Rong and Russell C. Leong and is tr

3. Demolition: Second History
(July 2011/Photography)
by Zhang Dali Exhibited at Demolition: Second History, Connecticut College, 2011. Curators: David Rong and Mai Mang. Read an interview with Zhang Dali here.

4. Zhang Dali
(July 2011/Contributors)
Zhang Dali was born in Harbin in 1963 and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Beijing in 1987. From 1989 to 1995, he sojourned in Italy, where he discovered graffiti art. Ret

5. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(July 2011/Front page)
...ion: Madeleine Marie Slavick, Michal Slaby Art & art criticism: Anton S. Kandinsky, David Rong, Zhang Dali, Mai Mang, Ted Ciesielski, Zheng Lianjie, Ji Shengli (cover...

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