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1. Nick Admussen
(June 2016/Contributors)
Nick Admussen is an assistant professor of Chinese literature at Cornell and the author of Recite and Refuse: Contemporary Chinese Prose Poetry, available in October 2016 from the Hawaii University Pr

2. Can Send Not Receive
(June 2016/Distance)
by Nick Admussen Past a chapped stone, moss-furred stone, to the missing stone, then turn — the marker says nothing here yet but you can rest regardless, a space has opened up. Continue al

3. Distance: Our Choices
(June 2016/Distance)
...s and refugees in Hong Kong. (20 June 2016 is World Refugee Day.)   “Could Send Not Receive” by Nick Admussen Past a chapped stone, moss-furred stone, to the missing stone, then tur...

4. Three Poems
(June 2015/Poetry)
by Ya Shi, translated from the Chinese by Nick Admussen 暮年,一位修士回忆起神圣的对欲望的压抑 穷尽所有可能,时光能给并愿意给的 也许只是个巴掌大小的

5. Nick Admussen
(June 2015/Contributors)
Nick Admussen is an Assistant Professor of Chinese literature and culture at Cornell University. He has translated the work of Ya Shi, Zang Di, Genzi, and Liu Xiaobo; his original poetry has appeared

6. Three Improvisations
(May 2010/Poetry)
by Zhang Taozhou, translated from the original Chinese by Nick Admussen * * * The East Gate Some people go out through the east gate but when they come back, its silvergray iron's shut tight.

7. Nick Admussen
(May 2010/Contributors)
Nick Admussen is a Ph.D. candidate in modern Chinese literature at Princeton University, currently researching contemporary Chinese prose poetry. His own poetry has appeared in Boston Review and Kenyo

8. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(May 2010/Front page)
...nd helping put the issue together. The new issue features the following writers/artists: Poetry: Zhang Taozhou, Nick Admussen, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Rosanna Oh, Robert E. Wood, Peauladd Huy, Arjun Rajend...

9. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2015/Front page)
.../artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work:   Poetry: Cesar Ruiz Aquino, Ya Shi, Nick Admussen, Mike Frick, Jim Pascual Agustin, Joshua Burns, Ankush Banerjee, Jimmy P...

10. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2016/Front page)
...Bob Bradshaw​, ​Antony Huen​, ​Anthony Tao​, ​Jonathan Louis Duckworth     Distance: Nick Admussen​, ​Paola Caronni​, ​Desirée Jung​, ​Troy Cabida​, ...

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