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by Michael X. Wang —Why was he a hero? After fishing a woman's hand out of Suzhou River, he helped to solve a murder case.   —Wait. How did he find the hand? He was drivi

2. Abject Men
(June 2014/Fiction)
by Michael X. Wang I've loved all kinds of unlovable men. Each new boyfriend of mine has been more unlovable than the one before. I've been with men who looked like aardvarks, men who weighed

3. Michael X. Wang
(June 2014/Contributors)
Michael X. Wang was born in Fenyang, China. He moved to the United States when he was six, and received his MFA from Purdue. He won a 2010 AWP Intro Award in fiction, and his work has appeared in Hayd

4. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2014/Front page)
...ndy Kim, Zachary Eller, Divya Rajan, Mathew Joseph, Michael O’Sullivan, Tjoa Shze Hui Fiction: Sarah Bower, Michael X. Wang Creative non-fiction: Qui-Phiet Tran Interviews: Smita Sahay inter...

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