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1. Saudade
(March 2013/Photography)
by Mia Funk

2. Mia Funk
(March 2013/Contributors)
Mia Funk trained at the ateliers Beaux-Arts, Paris. She has participated in number of international juried competitions including the Salon d’Automne Paris, for which she won the Prix de Peintur

3. Love Is No Big Truth
(March 2013/Fiction)
by Amanda Lee Koe, art by Mia Funk The End of Summer, oil on canvas, 142 x 205 cm 1 There is no such thing in the world, as I cannot live without you; you cannot live without me. The earth spins. T

4. Native Language
(March 2013/Creative non-fiction)
by Tracy Slater, art by Mia Funk Metamorphosis, oil on canvas, 166 x 230 cm I had just turned 40 when I married a man who could barely speak my language. Toru and I met in my late 30s, when his Japa

5. Adoption
(March 2013/Poetry)
by Greg Santos, art by Mia Funk I lost my talk when you asked me how I liked this country. How long it had been since I had moved to Canada, even though I was born here. I lost my talk when you ha

6. Ink: A Recipe
(March 2013/Poetry)
by Bryan Thao Worra, art by Mia Funk Mo. Ink.  Two characters: Hei, Black. Earth, T’u. Labour to make this fluid. In illumination: Chao Kuan-Chih in the twelfth century Composed the&nbs

7. Two Poems
(March 2013/Poetry)
by Anna Yin, art by Mia Funk Posing for an Artist Will you draw me in your way, seeing me only one side, like a mirror, not intruding? The dawning light marches in. Gradually you add shades wh

8. Two Poems
(March 2013/Poetry)
by Mark Anthony Cayanan, art by Mia Funk T H I S,  A N D  T H I S     1 He turns away from his window: What is never if not code for please?     2 He&mdash

9. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2013/Front page)
... Shah Creative non-fiction: Tracy Slater Photography & art: Marie Yip Wai Shan (cover artist), May Dy, Mia Funk Book reviews: Carolyn Lau, Michael O'Sullivan, Michael Tsang, Abha Iyengar, Suc...

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