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1. Matthew A. Hamilton
(June 2013/Contributors)
Matthew A. Hamilton holds a Master of Fine Arts from Fairfield University, CT. His stories and poems have appeared in a variety of national and international journals, including Atticus Review, Burnt

2. Benezir Bhutto
(June 2013/Poetry)
by Matthew A. Hamilton Muslim women do not drive cars. I braced myself when I got behind the wheel. Drove across the border into Pakistan. The sun fell like a red marble behind the toothy mountains

3. The Origin of the Sun
(September 2012/Poetry)
by Matthew A. Hamilton When the tsnami pounded the fishing town of Onagawa, fifty bodies bloated with rust and fish-smell floated by my house. A girl with sockets gaped before black water swallowed

4. Matthew A. Hamilton
(September 2012/Contributors)
Matthew A. Hamilton is an MFA candidate at Fairfield University and a poetry reader for Mason's Road and Drunken Boat. Prior to graduate school, he served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia

5. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(September 2012/Front page) Mitchell, May Dy, David Raphael Israel, Isabel Yap, Evelyn A. So, Michelle Esquivias, Ashley Dean, Eleanor Goodman, Matthew A. Hamilton, Joanne Lee, James Valvis, Dorothy Chan  "The Past&...

6. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2013/Front page)
... Poetry: Joshua Ip, Tim Suermondt, Anu Elizabeth Roche, Raydon L. Reyes, Aye Wollam, Pey Pey Oh, Lisa Alexander Baron, Matthew A. Hamilton, Ae Hee Lee Kim, Craig Englund, Chris Tse, Jenna Le, Lyn Lifs...

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