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1. Hong Kong Has A Poetic Future
(December 2017/Essays)
...f Hong Kong Anglophone poetry dismisses the work of a new generation of poets—including Henry W. Leung and Mary Jean Chan. We are witnessing the beginning of a conversation, not its end. ***...

2. From A Distance
(September 2014/Whither Hong Kong)
by Mary Jean Chan Some things are not clearer from a distance. What grief moves you to sit-ins, marches, words that reverberate across generations, and tears for a city that was never ou

3. Mary Jean Chan
(September 2014/Contributors)
A recent graduate of Swarthmore College and the University of Oxford, Mary Jean Chan is passionate about the intersection between politics and poetry, as well as other forms of literary expression. He

4. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(September 2014/Front page)
...h Nhất-Lang Whither Hong Kong?: Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Michael O'Sullivan, Kate Rogers, Michael Tsang, Kit Fan, Mary Jean Chan, Jason S Polley, Wendy Gan, Andrew S. Guthrie, Ruth Lee, Aaron Chan, St...

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