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...a model.” Yet it’s hard not to think that’s what Beijing wants. Like that conservative Laozi said, “keep the people’s bellies full, and their mind’s empty.” T...

...Akhenaten"), Hindu epics and myths ("Visnu," "Family") and Daoist wisdom ("Laozi," "Tso Wang"). One can see Goenawan's belief that human life should ...

3. Way Of Water
(June 2016/Poetry)
by Jonathan Louis Duckworth Laozi’s disciples stood in the gate and pulled him from his buffalo’s back. Only after he wrote his teachings would they allow him passage west— to

4. Laozi
(December 2013/Contributors)
Laozi (6th century bce) was considered to be the first philosopher of Chinese Daoism and author of the Daodejing, a primary Daoist writing. [Translation]

by Laozi, translated by Michael O'Hara Thirty spokes together turn one wheel, but the wheel turns around a hole. Clay is lumped to make a pot, but the pot is where the clay is not. Chisel

6. Steven Schroeder
(September 2010/Contributors)
...ore  and (with Debby Sou Vai Keng) A Guest Giving way Like Ice Melting: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Laozi. He teaches at the University of Chicago in Asian Classics and the Basic Program of Liber...

...l and every poem is presented in both languages. The English title pays tribute to both Jack Kerouac and Laozi, but it is the Chinese title—translated as "welcome to the realm of tiny thing...

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