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1. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(August 2008/Front page)
...den, Winnie Chau, Grace V. S. Chin, SuzAnne C. Cole, Rocco De Giacomo, Lee Herrick, Louise Ho, Philip Holden, Kristy Joe, Ken Kamoche, William Kimzey, Gilbert Koh, Franky Lau, Mary Lee, Manuel Libres ...

2. The Colour of Light
(August 2008/Fiction)
by Kristy Joe Mama used to say that we could all be redeemed, that everything that was not pure could become pure once again. Kind of like salt being filtered through seawater. I used to imagine myse

3. Kristy Joe
(August 2008/Contributors)
Kristy Joe (b.1991) is Korea-born and Hong Kong-raised. Educated in an international school, Joe has lived in her home country for less than two years. Her dream has been a writer since she was thirte

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