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by Lia Dun   Greg Santos, Rabbit Punch!, DC Books, 2014. 85 pgs.  Steven Schroeder (author), Song Zijiang, Sou Vai Keng and Vai Si (translators), A Water Planet, Flying Island Books, 2014

2. Greg Santos
(March 2013/Contributors)
Greg Santos is a poet, editor, and writing instructor. He is the author of the chapbook Tweet Tweet Tweet (Corrupt Press, 2011) and the full-length poetry collection The Emperor's Sofa (DC Books,

3. Adoption
(March 2013/Poetry)
by Greg Santos, art by Mia Funk I lost my talk when you asked me how I liked this country. How long it had been since I had moved to Canada, even though I was born here. I lost my talk when you ha

...ems by Leonard Ng, Ethos Books, 2011. 83 pgs. Dan Disney, and then when the, John Leonard Press, 2011. 60 pgs. Greg Santos, The Emperor's Sofa, DC Books, 2010. 85 pgs. This Mortal World In This ...

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia
(February 2010/Poetry)
by Greg Santos Photograph by Tammy Ho   Before stepping into a taxi a young girl struggles to take the city with her: Warm, sticky air bathing the street market, comforting scent of fragrant

6. Greg Santos
(February 2010/Contributors)
Greg Santos was born and raised in Montreal. He is the author of the e-book, Thinking Things Through (Pangur Ban Party, 2009) and the chapbook Oblivion Avenue (Trainwreck Press, 2008). His writing has

7. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(February 2010/Front page)
...aventura, Papa Osmubal, Jean YeoJin Sung, Rocco de Giacomo, Selina Libi Bjorlie, Chris Tse, Angela Eun Ji Koh, Greg Santos, Lyn Lifshin, Marc Vincenz, Wena Poon and Richard Luftig Fiction: Kimarlee Ng...

8. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2013/Front page)
...anan, DeWitt Clinton, John Wall Barger, Dan Encarnacion, Tracy Koretsky, Ishita Basu Mallik, Bryan Thao Worra, Greg Santos, Anna Yin, Dominique Ahkong, Anirban Chakraborty, Yau Ching "Betrayal&qu...

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