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...ars witness to his body’s gradual invasion, his mind’s mute talk (to borrow a wonderful phrase from an Eleanor Goodman poem) teetering between reality and “ghastly fantasy.” El...

2. Eleanor Goodman
(April 2018/Contributors)
Eleanor Goodman’s translation of Something Crosses My Mind: Selected Poems of Wang Xiaoni (Zephyr Press, 2014) was the winner of the 2015 Lucien Stryk Prize and the recipient of a 2013 PEN/Heim

by Eleanor Goodman Richard Berengarten, Changing, Shearsman Books, 2016, 563 pgs. What should one make of the Yijing (易經), that book that announces its own transient and molting n

by Huiwen Shi   Wang Xiaoni (author), Eleanor Goodman (translator), Something Crosses My Mind, The Chinese University Press; Zephyr Press, 2014. 128 pgs.   In Something Crosses My Mind, wh

5. Two Poems
(December 2013/Poetry)
by Eleanor Goodman Summer Palace At the Garden of Crystalline Ripples                     &nbsp

6. Eleanor Goodman
(December 2013/Contributors)
Eleanor Goodman is a writer and a translator from Chinese. Her work appears in journals such as PN Review, Chutzpah, Pleiades, World Literature Today, Cha and The Best American Poetry website. She is

7. Seven Poems
(December 2013/Translation)
by Du Mu, translated by Eleanor Goodman Grave-Sweeping Day Early April brings constant rain travelers take to the road in their private pain I ask where a tavern might be found a shepherd point

8. Two Poems
(September 2012/Poetry)
by Eleanor Goodman Night Train The night train hauls its cars in shrieks of fits and starts. No shells of sunflowers seeds, no paper bowls of noodles. A gift of juzi, its peel so thin it peels itsel

9. Eleanor Goodman
(September 2012/Contributors)
Eleanor Goodman (顾爱玲) writes poetry, fiction, and criticism, and translates from Chinese. Her work appears widely in journals such as Pathlight, PN Review, Los Angeles Review, Chutzpah <<

10. Sanctum
(July 2011/Poetry)
by Eleanor Goodman            for Da Lizi In the age of hunger your grandparents' hut clung to the curve of the river where it wound round

11. Eleanor Goodman
(July 2011/Contributors)
Eleanor Goodman writes fiction, poetry and essays, as well as translating from Chinese. Her work has appeared widely in journals such as PN Review, Los Angeles Review, Fiction, Pleiades, New Delta Rev

12. Two Poems
(July 2011/Translations)
by Chen Dongdong , translated from the Chinese by Eleanor Goodman and Ao Wang Light the Lamp      Light the lamp inside the stones, let them see the expressions of the sea, let them s

13. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(July 2011/Front page)
... The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work: Poetry: Salvatore Attardo, Eleanor Goodman, J.H. Martin, Camille Hong Xin, Arthur Leung, Ver...

14. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(September 2012/Front page)
...nne Morel, Reid Mitchell, May Dy, David Raphael Israel, Isabel Yap, Evelyn A. So, Michelle Esquivias, Ashley Dean, Eleanor Goodman, Matthew A. Hamilton, Joanne Lee, James Valvis, Dorothy Chan  &q...

15. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2013/Front page)
...ard during AWP. From left to right: Bill Lantry, Michael Gray, Kaitlin Solimine, Tracy Slater, Nicholas Y.B. Wong, Eleanor Goodman, Lucas Klein, Yibing Huang, Xi Chuan and Kim Liao.   The issue...

16. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2013/Front page)
...aan Morse, Michael Gray, Christopher Lupke, Dulal Al Monsur, Nicholas Francis, Michael Farman, Michael O'Hara, Eleanor Goodman, Chloe Garcia Roberts Poetry: Eliot Weinberger, Matthew Turner, W.F....

17. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(April 2018/Front page)
...vic, Mark Stevenson, Brian Haman, Kate Rogers, Goh Cheng Fai Zach, Kevin Tan Kwan Wei, Matt Turner, Wong Wen Pu, Eleanor Goodman and Rochelle Potkar  FILM REVIEWS: ​Grace Chia, Vivian Tang a...

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