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1. Two Poems
(May 2010/Poetry)
by Desh Balasubramaniam I Have Become So Used to Your Ironing It is not just I who have lost his way since your leaving Even the folds of my trousers have misplaced their stature, their strength &nb

2. Desh Balasubramaniam
(May 2010/Contributors)
Desh Balasubramaniam was born in Sri Lanka and raised in both the war torn Northern & Eastern provinces. At the age of thirteen, he fled to New Zealand with his family on humanitarian asylum. He h

3. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(May 2010/Front page) Taozhou, Nick Admussen, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Rosanna Oh, Robert E. Wood, Peauladd Huy, Arjun Rajendran, Brenton Rossow, Desh Balasubramaniam, Todd Swift, Keith Brabender, Maysa Vang and Nabina Das Fic...

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