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1. Make It New
(December 2013/Editorial)
...Tamil (as translated by A. K. Ramanujan); we have writing by Asian writers in English from Sharmistha Mohanty to Arjun Rajendran to Khanh Ha whose work resonates both with echoes of ancient Asia i...

2. Two Poems
(December 2013/Poetry)
by Arjun Rajendran Raja Kelkar Museum Through an 18th century door, I enter a room with modern lighting: naughty nut crackers frozen in foreplay; a beast’s hunch bronzes into a harp.

3. Arjun Rajendran
(December 2013/Contributors)
Arjun Rajendran lives in Austin, Texas. His previous publications include The Missing Slate, Eclectica, nthposition and SOFTBLOW. He was a finalist in the Atlanta Review 2012 International Poetry Comp

by Arjun Rajendran a water tank, the dead sea scrolls, Pluto, when the woman under me turned into a boat, a tree-house, the river behind a government brothel we frequented as bachelors; before she r

5. Arjun Rajendran
(May 2010/Contributors)
Arjun Rajendran is a technical writer based in St.Louis. His creative works have been published in Switched-on Gutenberg, The Pittsburgh Quarterly and Pratilipi. He has a passion for out-of-print lite

6. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(May 2010/Front page)
...riters/artists: Poetry: Zhang Taozhou, Nick Admussen, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Rosanna Oh, Robert E. Wood, Peauladd Huy, Arjun Rajendran, Brenton Rossow, Desh Balasubramaniam, Todd Swift, Keith Brabender, M...

7. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2013/Front page)
... Elizabeth Schultz, Stephanie V Sears, Joshua Burns, James Shea, Sean Prentiss, Steven Schroeder, Marjorie Evasco, Arjun Rajendran, Pui Ying Wong, Julia Gordon-Bramer, June Nandy, Janice Ko Luo, Stuar...

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