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1. Aditi Rao
(March 2015/Contributors)
Aditi Rao is a writer, educator, and dreamer. Winner of the Srinivas Rayaprol Prize for Poetry, the Toto Funds the Arts Creative Writing Award, and several other honours, Rao's poetry has been pub

2. Befriending The Dead
(March 2015/Contest winners)
by Aditi Rao You took a continent with you when you died. I visited, recently, reluctantly, your foreign grave, took a too-efficient train to a city that does not speak our names. Your tomb hidd

..." A wonderful, enjoyable poem about what's real and what's an illusion. Highly Recommended: Aditi Rao's "Befriending The Dead" The poem begins with a powerful first...

by Aditi Rao By a remnant of the Siri Fort in Shahpur Jat In the shadow of a wall built on the heads of eight thousand men, women have been drying laundry for centuries. Synthetic underwear dang

5. Aditi Rao
(December 2013/Contributors)
Aditi Rao is a writer, educator, and dreamer. Winner of the 2011 Srinivas Rayaprol Prize for Poetry and the 2013 Toto Funds the Arts Creative Writing Award, Rao's poetry has appeared in Four Quart

6. Aditi Rao
(March 2012/Contributors)
Aditi Rao is a writer, educator, and activist. She has spent the last eight years traveling between India, Argentina, Mexico, and the United States; all the peoples and cultures she encountered on thi

7. Reunion
(March 2012/Encountering Poetry)
by Aditi Rao Act 2, Scene 1 (through the peephole) Why are you here?         I stole too many words. Are you bringing them back?        &nbsp

8. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2012/Front page)
...a, David W. Landrum, David Mckirdy Encountering poetry winners: José Manuel Sevilla, Ranjani Murali, Aditi Rao, Andrew Barker, Dena Rash Guzman, R. Joseph Capet, Shivani Sivagurunathan Fictio...

9. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2013/Front page)
...el O'Hara, Eleanor Goodman, Chloe Garcia Roberts Poetry: Eliot Weinberger, Matthew Turner, W.F. Lantry, Aditi Rao, Stuart Christie, Luca L., Xiao Pinpin, Kate Rogers, Pey Pey Oh, DeWitt Clinton, ...

10. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2015/Front page)
..." poetry contest winners: Arian Tejano, Arup K Chatterjee, B.B.P. Hosmillo, Lachlan Brown, Ken Jackson, Aditi Rao, Brian Ng, Carissa Ma Fiction: Henry Wei Leung, Kyra Ballesteros, Charles Haye...

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