Poetry / October 2018 (Issue 41: Writing Singapore)

Finding the Next Prime

by Carissa Cheow

he won the fields medal for
his contributions to group
representation theory and
for proving the conjecture
that third-order differential
equations are reducible to
first-order ones using his
father's integration method

his thesis proved that values
must converge for models to
exhibit stability. that LHS = RHS
isn't mere tautology. that godel's
incompleteness theorem can be
first principles for new countries.
his father taught him how to find
prime numbers and prime ministers

ImageThe founder of Singapore's first labour movement simulation conference, Carissa Cheow wears many hats but actually owns none. On top of her interests in research and advocacy, she attempts to infuse her takeaways from these involvements into writing poems. A sophomore undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, she volunteered as a junior moderator for SingPoWriMo 2018. Her poem "you need a very small space to read this poem", also the titular poem for a poetry collection she is working on, was shortlisted for the National Poetry Competition 2018 and some of her other poems have been published in anthologies.
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