Front page / April 2018 (Issue 39)

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

We are very pleased to announce that Issue 39 (April 2018) of Cha is now available. We would like to thank B.B.P. Hosmillo (poetry) and Matt Turner (prose) for reading the submissions with us and helping us put together ​the new edition. We would also like to thank Eddie Tay for the great selection of reviews and Lian-Hee Wee for co-judging (with Tammy Ho Lai-Ming) the "Auditory Cortex" poetry contest and writing an essay on the selected poems. The winning poems of "Cha International Poetry Prize 2017" will be published on Friday 15 June 2018.
The following artists, writers and translators have generously allowed us to showcase their work:

 POETRY: Duo Duo, Lucas Klein, Tarō Naka, Andrew Houwen, Chikako Nihei, Ng Mei-kwan, Bonnie S. McDougall, Dan Disney, Carl Walsh, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Artemis Lin, Cameron Morse, Poornima Laxmeshwar and Phoebe Tsang
AUDITORY CORTEX: Lian-Hee Wee, Rae Rival, Ng Kum Hoon, Amrita Brahmo, Gino P. Paradela, Rochelle Potkar, Ivan Emil A. Labayne, Shobhana Kumar and Kylla Ruth Benlot
LOST TEAS: Grace Loh Prasad
FICTION: Yoko Tawada, Susan Bernofsky, Zou Jingzh, Jeremy Tiang, Joanna Lee, Xi Xi, Jennifer Feeley, William Masters and Wong Kwok Kui
CREATIVE NON-FICTION: Sho Sugita and Hirato Renkichi
EXCERPTS: Eileen Chang, Jane Weizhen Pan, Martin Merz and Cameron Su
PHOTOGRAPHY & ART: Hu Jiamin (cover artist)​ and Stephanie Lee
BOOK REVIEWS: Michael Tsang, Jason S Polley, Ilaria Maria Sala, Maja Milatovic, Mark Stevenson, Brian Haman, Kate Rogers, Goh Cheng Fai Zach, Kevin Tan Kwan Wei, Matt Turner, Wong Wen Pu, Eleanor Goodman and Rochelle Potkar 
FILM REVIEWS: ​Grace Chia, Vivian Tang and Amanda Cattel
Our next issue, "Writing the Philippines," is scheduled for publication in July 2018 and the "Writing Singapore" Issue will be released in September 2018. Our new call for submissions will be available soon. Please read our guidelines carefully before submitting work to us. 
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