Contributors / July 2018 (Issue 40: Writing the Philippines)

Dholeeh Ann Hidalgo
ImageDholeeh Ann Hidalgo is a street photographer and migrant domestic worker living in Hong Kong. Originally from Pangasinan, Philippines, Hidalgo holds a BS in Biology and worked as a high school teacher and private tutor before migrating to Hong Kong in 2013 to work as a domestic helper. She recalls being drawn to photography from a young age, but it was her move to Hong Kong that acted as the catalyst for her photography career. She finds that photography is a way for her to ward off feelings of homesickness and isolation. Photography facilitates connection in her life—connections with others who share her passion, connections to the city she lives in, and connections with the people of Hong Kong. Originally self taught from online videos and articles, Hidalgo is now a part of the photography community of Hong Kong. As a domestic helper, she also sees photography as a way to inspire other migrants, especially women, to continue striving towards their goals. She organises photowalks for other domestic workers who are also interested in photography and she is a part of the online platform The Person Behind the Maid and the Facebook page Humans of Hong Kong, where she shares stories and photos of other domestic workers to give inspiration to others and for the society to know more about them. She hopes that her photographs show the world that migrants, and domestic workers in particular, are multi-dimensional human beings who are more than their immigration status. [Photography]

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