Poetry / July 2018 (Issue 40: Writing the Philippines)

Somewhere In The Desert, When You Cut A Round Globe In Half

by Debbie Karol Butay

let the fish be     > swallow the tail of a fish
let the fish          > bones and grease and the thought of
                             sweats in your hand, soiled and old
                             like a rotten garlic in sesame oil
let the                > I face the sun in the eye
                             the sea of sand digs under my feet
                             where memory is a hallucinating folktale,
                             generations fought for the meaning of home
let                      > fly be heard, the buzz of tree, the doorsteps whistle,
                              sweet like a black jell-o tea
                          > a looming storm, everyone is rushing,
                              everyone is hushing, the roughness of

                              pan de sal in my coffee.
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