Poetry / April 2018 (Issue 39)

Three Poems

by Tarō Naka, translated from Japanese by Andrew Houwen and Chikako Nihei





    for the first time in thirty-eight years          within the grounds of Nezu Gongen Shrine
    from the sky in the mirror of distant days a flutter of wings, a pigeon lands
    it was during the war          from the top of Mount Haku for no reason
    I once strolled down Dangozaka with you
    to this place on that distant blue morning
    if the pigeon          could be conscious of what was needed to live
    it would destroy itself with fear
    but three hundred and thirty-three thousand three hundred hours having passed
    bathing in the arrows of soft spring light          kururu kururu
    the pigeon still busily pecks at its feed
Chikako Nihei, Tarō Naka and Andrew Houwen
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