Contributors / December 2017 (Issue 38: Writing Hong Kong)

 Tammy Ho Lai-Ming 何麗明 is the Founding Co-editor of Cha, a Vice President of PEN Hong Kong and an Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. She is also an editor of the academic journals Victorian Network and Hong Kong Studies and has edited or co-edited eight volumes of poetry, fiction and essays, including We, Now, Here, There, Together (2017) and Twin Cities (2017). Her first poetry collection is Hula Hooping (2015) and she has books forthcoming from Delere Press, Math Paper Press, Palgrave and Springer. Her translations have been published in, among other places, World Literature Today and Chinese Literature Today, and from the Chinese University Press. Winner of the 2015 Young Artist Award in Literary Arts, she has recently joined Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine 《聲韻詩刊》 to be its English Editor. Visit her website for more information. [Cha Profile]

 Arthur Leung 梁世聰 is an Associate Editor of Cha. He holds an MFA in creative writing (with distinction) from the University of Hong Kong. A winner of the Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition, he is a regular performer of his poems. He also has a special interest in translating the works of Chinese poets, in particular Leung Ping Kwan and Bei Dao. Besides giving talks and demonstrations in schools, he was invited to participate in "Shall We Jam—A Recital of Leung Ping Kwan's Poetry in Song, Dance & Music" as a performing artist and in Hong Kong Baptist University's International Writers Workshop as a local writer. [Cha Profile]

 Eddie Tay 鄭竹文 is the Reviews Editor of Cha and co-organises the Cha Writing Workshop Series. He is a poet, street photographer and literature professor at the Department of English, Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he teaches courses on reading and writing poetry, children's literature, autoethnography, photography and social media. He is the author of four volumes of poetry, including The Mental Life of Cities, a winner of the 2012 Singapore Literature Prize. His most recent collection is Dreaming Cities (2016), which features his street photography and poetry. He has conducted photography and creative writing workshops for primary and secondary school students, and has collaborated with NGOs such as the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education. He has also conducted workshops for teachers on behalf of the Education Bureau. [Cha Profile]

 Royston Tester is an Associate Editor of Cha and an author of three short story collections: Summat Else (Porcupine’s Quill, 2004), Fatty Goes to China (2012) and You Turn Your Back (2014) both with Tightrope Books (Canada). A frequent writer-in-residence at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, he arranged the mainland launch for Cha in 2009. His work has appeared internationally, most recently in the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore and the Dalhousie Review. He has a PhD in Modern British Literature from McMaster University and an MFA from the University of British Columbia. Currently living in south-east Spain, he is at work on Passio, a new collection of short fiction. [Cha Profile]

 Jeff Zroback is the Founding Co-editor of Cha. Originally from Canada, he has an MA in History and is an editor by trade. He has previously worked in Canada, Korea, Hong Kong and the UK. He was the co-editor of the short fiction collection Love & Lust (with Tammy Ho Lai-Ming) and has published fiction and poetry. He writes many of the early Cha editorials. [Cha Profile]

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