Poetry / December 2017 (Issue 38)

Twin Cinema Of A Sunday Election

by Joshua Ip

everyone thinks
in the end. not
earlier than that.
we can never trust
these people,
just that:
without experience,
removed from the
world we inhabit,
less dreams.
more space for
two systems
to rule
which is to say we rule
in at least this
every one of us
to forge ahead with
they deserve a vote
now, and any
voice is a right
to itself. to
these notions of freedom,
grand notions
sky-scraping ideas
real, clamorous, towering
with the hope
we occupy
one country
that cannot be divided
against itself:
it shall not stand.
one thing
-all we wanted was
a sense of self

Editors' Note:
This poem first appeared in
Kyoto Journal, Issue 89.
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