Poetry / October 2017 (Issue 37)


by Colin Webb

Malaysia's going in for the night
           & Indonesia’s going out at first light
                     when I saw you devouring a duck
                                in the fat palms of a nitid nocturne,
                     carving an Escher out of a stump
           & mistaking you for some toddy cat

Tangerang was having tea
           & Jakarta was turning off the TV
                     while I see you hypnotizing Monsieur Cuvier
                                w/ your unlikely tail,
                     slicing a sphere into five pieces
           as I mistook you for some animal-musk

Lake Inle's balancing one-legged for tilapia
           & Nampan’s dreaming of California
                     when I spotted you prowling grey-coated
                                outside my window,
                     counting Hausdorff subsets
           & mistaking you for some civet

markets were opening in Cainta
           & clubs were opening in Manila
                     while I catch you scurrying up my gutter
                                to make some Kopi Luwak,
                     staring at an arrow flying motionless
           as I mistook you for some paradoxer
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