African Diaspora / March 2017 (Issue 35)


by Vishal Nanda

She asked what I thought about Americans,
I said
They seem really individualistic
They celebrated doing
Your own thing.

After she was in the right mood
I even ventured that
They though do seem to think like America's the center of the world.

Unlike everyone else of course.

She said that was because of
American media that
They made America look crazy,
All the crazies are on TV,
They weren't like that,
They were just hard working folks
who loved
Their family and
Their friends
and were grateful to live in the US.

This actually made sense.

Of course
They would be the loudest,
They would not be normal,
They didn't represent anyone else,

I mean did I see Beyonce's Superbowl performance?
Apparently she was dressed up like
The Black Panther's.

I try to tell her I know who they are but
She says,
They are from like, fifty years ago,
They aren't relevant anymore,
Did I know how much
They made up of the population?


But when I'm sane I tend to say less,
That I don't know,
Which is true 99% of the time but I'm different so
They make up only 17% of the population,
They act like they are 90%.
She was from the Midwest.
And now I thought
They were white, racist, idiots,
They don't know what it's like to be a minority,
They clearly only see their side of the story,
They haven't traveled much,
They are backwards brainwashed patriots,
They talk about freedom,
They got a monopoly on it,
Defense spending ought to be called the freedom budget,
They don't believe we're all equal,
They believe their children ought to worship the ground they walk on,
They are known for thieving,
It's part of
Their culture,
It's in
Their genes,
They can't be trusted,
They'll lie to your face,
That's what it's like in the phillipines.
They told me that.
They believed it, did you know,
They over exaggerate,
They make such a fuss,
They don't read any books if
You lived with them, you'd see too how
They act,
They're just wogs,
I meant niggers man,
I meant white boys yo,
I meant women though,
They need to stop,
They deserve to rot,
They are idiots.

Let's talk about them.

Let's not call each other names.
Would be childish.

 Vishal Nanda is a writer and spoken word performer in between being an indie game designer, teacher, and editor. He spends his time writing poetry, scripts, screenplays, plays, short stories, novels and the like, as he cannot quite help himself. He has performed spoken word poetry at a variety of events, including TEDxWanChai, comedy shows, fundraisers and on RTHK Radio 3. He can usually be found nervously performing In Lan Kwai Fong most Wednesdays with the other Peel Street Poets.
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