Photography & art / March 2017 (Issue 35)

Tibetan People

by Lianhua Wei

Handsome long-haired boys

I was scared by the four boys. There was no one else around, when they suddenly appeared about 100 metres away. I remember thinking: "Are they bad guys? If they are, what can I do?" But I felt safe after I talked with them. They were just curious about me. In their culture, men have long hair. Their coats were made of wool, heavy but warm. Almost all of them wore jewellery.

Location: A mountain, 45km away from Yale Township.
Time: 4:27PM, 8/18/2016.

Sheep herders

Prayer wheel in her right hand, a string of Buddhist mala beads in her left hand, she was chanting scriptures while herding sheep.

Location: Three or four houses on the side of the road, with no name that I know of.
Time: 4:48PM, 8/25/2016.

Shy Tibetan beauty

Location: Somewhere in the pasturelands.
Time: 6:02PM, 8/26/2016.

The market

A market in the pasturelands. The tents are shops.

Location: Somewhere in the pasturelands.
Time: 12:55PM, 8/30/2016.



I think this woman is a grandmother. Her earrings were made of silver. As her jewellery reveals, Tibetans value kallaite, day beads and red coral stone.

Location: Somewhere in the pasturelands.
Time: 3:28PM, 8/30/2016.

No-smile girl

I stayed at her home for about an hour, but no matter what I did or what I said, this girl had this expression. Her face didn't change even when I gave her an apple or took this photo. She said nothing, and did not make a sound. Maybe she was afraid of strangers.

Location: Manigange Town, Gangzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.
Time: 12:25PM, 9/2/2016.


She holds this prayer wheel in her right hand and a string of Buddhist mala beads in her left, almost all day, every day. She is the oldest member of her family. I was a guest here, and they treated me very well. She asked me to stay forever.

Location: Ombu Village.
Time: 9:03AM, 9/3/2016.


Working woman

That day was part of the annual three-day mowing festival, which happens in September. All the grass that they cut was going to be saved for winter for their sheep and yaks. I watched how they farmed. And I think this woman was the most beautiful. Most women wear this kind of clothing, although some young women wear t-shirts and jeans.

Location: Ombu Village.
Time: 10:39AM, 9/3/2016.

Ombu village

Happy people.

Location: Ombu Village
Time: 8:20PM, 9/3/2016.

Teashop woman

This woman was the owner of the shop. She was holding a teapot of milk tea.

Location: Nyima County.
Time: 8:26PM, 9/5/2016.

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