Contributors / December 2016 (Issue 34)

We the Bubbles

by Quyen Nguyen

bubble swells, life or hysteria?

bubble contains a person

bubble contains a raced person

bubble contains a question

bubble shrieks

bubble wet with control

bubble swallows up

bubble disinfected

bubble scrubs

bubble what the fuck

bubble stabs

bubble loong memory

bubble black like burnt dog black

bubble glitters

bubble grinds the backside against the column drum, hard

bubble flexxxible

bubble bitches

bubble dirty grooving

bubble goes on sale

bubble elegant like frankenstein + quasimodo elegant

bubble dies in the back of the queue

bubble eyes the sleepy protest

bubble bawling

bubble catches colds die luft der freiheit weht

bubble pushed into the pond mummy it’s full of mud

bubble thawing

bubble no hands, all hands

bubble houses a colony of ants in the hair

bubble bangs no man, all man

bubble lifelogs

bubble takes no gifts

bubble bashes the head with the knee no more beady crown

bubble birdbrained

bubble takes off the face

bubble places the face in the fridge

bubble walks out of the screen

/// Source: Group Word ///
 Quyen Nguyen studies literature and art history at Stanford University. Besides research and translation, she occasionally makes poems. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it +1 (650) 714-3616 die luft der freiheit weht
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