Contributors / March 2016 (Issue 31)

Jia Dong
ImageJia Dong is in her third year majoring in English Language and Literature at Hong Kong Baptist University. Her love of fine arts started when she was first able to seize a pencil about twenty years ago. For her, the pleasure of creation begins the moment she picks up a pastel or brush and sits at the table. She particularly enjoys the solitude of working without interruption for several hours, as she finds that solitude enriches the fading time during which she has the space to be alone with her own thoughts. To produce a piece of work by interacting with tangible materials makes her feel more attached to the world, as if this is the most effective way to stand still in a physical world in which so many things have been reduced to digital symbols. With her colour-stained hands, she prospers in her sphere of time. [Photograhy & Art]

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