Poetry / December 2015 (Issue 30)

Why Not Say

by Jennifer Feeley

in reply to Xi Xi

Why not say
a duvet of paper
a dagger of asparagus
an acre of Garfield
a singular of scissor?

Why not say
a chairspoon of sugar
a stab of tequila
a quiver of arrowroot
a loaf of breadwinners?

Why not say
a college of fish
a senate of owls
a shame of lions
a toolbox of hammerhead sharks?

Why not say
a degradation of larks
a manslaughter of crows
an evening of nightingales
a slice of magpie à la mode?

Why not say
a flock of chickpeas
a nest of birdbrains
an omelet of eggheads
an inferno of deviled eggs?

Why not say
a torch of fireflies
a bolt of lightning bugs
a dispenser of tapeworm
a blade of grasshopper?

Why not say
a karat of carrots
a roux of rue
a farm of pharmacists
a dam of damns?

Why not say
a kennel of corn dogs
a pigsty of porcini
a bed of oyster stew
a heaven of angel food cake?

Why not say
a bouquet of wallflowers
a drizzle of rain checks
a skulk of foxtrots
an unkindness of raven-haired beauties?

Why not say
a camisole of a girl
a blaze of sideburns
a stable of horseplay
a leap of leopard print?

Why not say
a bosom of drawers
a nest of turtlenecks
a ring of bellbottoms
a blow of shoehorns?

Why not say
a swarm of Applebee's
a herd of Caribou Coffee
a kingdom of Dairy Queens
a galaxy of Starbucks?

Why not say
may a beater of wives
become a pacifist of husbands
a man-of-war
a woman-of-peace?
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