Photography & art / September 2015 (Issue 29)

Noble Sketchbook

by Noble Wong

I'm an Urban Sketcher and an illustrator living in Hong Kong. You may find me sketching in locations like streets, coffee shops, markets, country parks and beaches. My sketch book and my pens are always with me wherever I go.
I love this vibrant city. It is a mixture of traditional culture and modern development—new landmarks and historical architecture, small local shops and large shopping malls, busy financial centers and tranquil fishing villages, dense concrete jungle and relaxing beautiful countryside. You can find them all in this very crowded and tiny city.
There is always something interesting to be drawn in my sketch book.
 Sham Shui Po
 Vegetable stalls on Graham Street
 Forbes street, Kennedy Town
 Kam Wah Restaurant, Peng Shek
 September 2014
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