100-word Stories / June 2015 (Issue 28)

Simple Things

text and photography by Patricia Lim

Grey morning light stretched over the marshlands.
A slender wooden boat, gliding.
A strait, serene and still.
Overhead, the flapping of wings.

A lake. The setting for a daughter's story
of her father’s favourite fishing ritual:
Nighttime. Headlamps. Coming home.
A boat filled with fish. Dinner.

An interruption: a flash of silver at the lake's centre.
Ripples forming, dilating, echoes of gasping life.
Two figures wading through waist-deep waters.
Hurrying, searching. Locating.

The glint of steel,
a swift stroke at the glassy surface.
A woman's gleeful squeals, a man's uncontained delight.
A prayer of gratitude.

A fine feast for breakfast.
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