Contributors / December 2014 (Issue 26)

William Noseworthy
ImageWilliam B. Noseworthy is a PhD candidate in History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His minor is in Diaspora History and Literature and his interests include Borderlands Theory, Highland-Lowland Relations and the History of the South China Sea. Noseworthy writes in Vietnamese and English. He has recently published on the subject of Vietnamese Literature in an the edited volume Vietnamese New Formalism: Reception and Creativity by Sông Hương and Tân Hình Thức Publishing Club and The Middle Ground Journal. A recent essay on goddess worship and localization in the case of Po Ina Nagar appeared in Vietnamese in an edited volume published by Đại Học Quốc Gia. Other pieces on Cham religion have appeared in Vietnamese for The Journal of Research on Cham Culture (Tập Chí Nghiên Cứu Văn Hóa Chăm) and as English language shorts for The IIAS Newsletter. Publications on highland-lowland relations have appeared in Asian Highlands Perspectives and the Austrian Journal for Southeast Asian Studies. He has written reviews for: The IIAS Newsletter, Studies on Asia, Explorations, New Asia Books, and Cha. In his free time, Noseworthy enjoys writing poetry, cooking, and playing the guitar. [Reviews]

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