Whither Hong Kong? / September 2014 (Issue 25)

The Great Divide

by Ruth Lee

Hong Kong, Summer of 2014

Thus starts the meeting in the great hall of the people’s republic
the agenda of which
is fate and destiny that obliges conformity; so it implies

I got a call the other night
I was asked to make a choice
to choose between a standstill and a pretend progress
I felt cornered and annoyed
I said what choice is there still?
I was asked is there an international standard for slicing bread
I said yes, the good cat is the one that catches mice
how else then to tame the summer of discontent

You say that the “interests of the nation” is overriding
what an abstract concept this is when compared to the thousands
clogging the street soaked in rain in the quest for a true universal bread slicer
Occupiers declare
“a fake universal suffrage, a vote without a choice - accepting it is betraying the next generation”

Oh yes, tit for tat, a fake crowd for an artificial cause
walking and chanting
“love hong kong; love thy motherland”
crowds fed with free yum cha breakfasts; 9-course lunches
and free tours of promised shopping sprees from Heilongjiang after the labour of love
a farce that only the least imaginative can consort with

Behind the great divide lies the great beyond
of undesired political consequences
tremors of "a perfect financial storm"
one cupcake, two sisters ~ no more
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