Poetry / December 2013 (Issue 22)

Two Poems

by Joshua Burns

Priest Shunjobo Chogen (ca. 1200)
after Kamakura wood
I have good intentions
I have something to say
I have better things
I have can
I have doing
I have a can-do spirit, Candor

I have others to sprint
I have others to savvy
I have others to tongue
I have others
I have others subdued
I have others underhand

I have the sun and the moon
I have the stars and the sky
I have the world and my hand
I have the foot and the foot
I have the food and the pets
I have the life and the dream

I have dispossessed
I have deputized
I have disorganized
I have derevolutionized
I have dissolved
I have degenerated (leggings)

I have a legend
I have a legacy
I have a ledger
I have a leg-up (leggings)
I have a hand in a couple of things
I have a resolution

I have worked it all over
I have steamrolled the thoughts
I have benchpressed the passions
I have walked the neighborhood's dogs
I have wrapped up the extension cords
I have cordoned the surroundings

Nio Figures, Agyo (1203)
after Unkei, Kaikei, and co.'s wood
How the web search turns up
as well Kasumi wallpaper,
courtesy DOA courtesy Tecmo
is not beyond me but in pace.
It seems Kaikei as a name
still foists itself into
impressionable animes
and, in turn, impressionable
anime blogs, in this case
Animetrip.net. The wallpaper,
if one scrolls down this site
of the original image, has
no immediate relation to
the earlier content, having
the terms—ninja petals
side tie panties thighhighs—
and the results are graphic
as the cat's cry. I wish
I could do something for you
with them but the picture alone
is a coal loosely shaken
out of the demon's pouch
and it is surely a slippery
slope in summary alone.
The landscape of perv
welcomes all as an Oz.
Bustles such as these
are undoing.
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