Contributors / May 2008 (Issue 3)

Maurice Oliver
ImageMaurice Oliver returned to America in 1990 after almost a decade of working as a freelance photographer in Europe. In 1995, he made a life-long dream reality by traveling around the world for eight months. Instead of taking pictures, he recorded the experience in a journal which eventually became poems. And so began his desire to be a poet. His poetry has appeared in numerous national and international publications and literary websites including Potomac Journal, Pebble Lake Review, Taj Mahal Review, Dandelion Magazine, Stride Magazine, and online at Thieves Jargon, Kritya (India), Blue Print Review (Germany), and is forthcoming in The Arabesques Review (Algeria). His forth chapbook, One Remedy Is Travel, was published in August '07 at Origami Condom. Oliver is the editor of Concelebratory Shoehorn Review and lives in Portland, Oregon, where he works as a private tutor. [Read]

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