Front page / September 2014 (Issue 25)

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

The September 2014 Issue of Cha is here. We would like to thank guest editors Nicholas YB Wong (poetry) and Rheea Mukherjee (prose) for reading the submissions with us and helping us put together this edition. We would also like to thank Eddie Tay for a fine selection of book reviews. A special section "Whither Hong Kong?" (eds. Tammy Ho, Michael O'Sullivan, Kate Rogers and Michael Tsang) ontaining poems that document our collective desire for democracy was launched on 25th October 2014.
The issue includes an editorial by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming titled "Valiant Beauty"
The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work:
Poetry: Shirley Geok-lin Lim, B.B.P. Hosmillo, Joseph Han, Daryl Yam, Stephanie Han, Shefali Tripathi Mehta, Yassen Vassilev, Geralyn Pinto, Varsha Saraiya-Shah, Nancy Lynée Woo, Miho Kinnas, Karen An-hwei Lee, Wong Leung Wo, Jessica Siu-yin Yeung, Iris Fan, Andrew Purches, Sohini Dey, Christian Benitez, Margaret Chula, Neobie Gonzalez, Marco Yan, Mai Van Phan, Lê Đình Nhất-Lang
Whither Hong Kong?: Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Michael O'Sullivan, Kate Rogers, Michael Tsang, Kit Fan, Mary Jean Chan, Jason S Polley, Wendy Gan, Andrew S. Guthrie, Ruth Lee, Aaron Chan, Stephanie Han, Peter Gordon, Antony Huen, Natalie Liu, Marco Yan, Emily Cheung, Henry W. Leung
Wang Zang: Wang Zang, Jessica Yeung
Fiction: Kimarlee Nguyen, Michelle Tudor, Stefani Kuo
Creative non-fiction: Lucas Stewart, Anneli Matheson, Jamie Wang
Photography & art: Tom Carter (cover artist), David William Hill, Christopher (Kit) Kelen, Hong Mei
Reviews: Andrew Barker, Jason Eng Hun Lee, Michael Tsang, Collier Nogues, Lu Jin, Mags Webster, Michael O'Sullivan, Sucharita Dutta-Asane, Joel Gn
Our Seventh Anniversary Issue will be available in early January 2015 and Issue 27 will be available in March 2015. We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 28, scheduled for June 2015. If you are interested in having your work considered for inclusion in Cha, please read our submission guidelines carefully.
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