Peel Street Poetry / December 2015 (Issue 30)


by Blair Reeve

This is par for the course.
Rap. Par. Rapper. Papa.
Parp parp! I’m a papa rapper!
I reap the people.
Pippety poppety rippety rap.

I’m on a par ten. I'm a rapper par none.
Er, no, that’s bar none.
Anyway, I pass. I parse. I passed the slam round!
Arp, arp!
That’s five lines per par.

I’m parched already, as parched as paper.
I’m a participant in my own porno
with parsnips and peanut butter.
I’ve got a partner. She participates too.
I’m par for the cour—No, I said that already.

I speak French.
Parlez vous si’l vous plait!
The pa par park attendant in Hong Kong park
Won’t let me ride the spiral slide.
The bastard. The parstard.

I’m a victim of park attendants & slam poets.
I’m just a white guy passing out.
Excuse me now while I park my arse.

 "Par" is a finalist of Peel Street Poetry's Slam Poetry Contest 2015. About Blair Reeve: Blair Reeve is a New Zealander living in Hong Kong. He holds an MFA in writing from the City University of Hong Kong and teaches creative writing at Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a performance poet and has travelled widely performing his poetry since the mid-90s. His style is rhythmic, experimental and comical. His children's book, Hogart the Hedgehog Turns Nink, was launched in Hong Kong in November 2015. [Read more about Peel Street Poetry] [Back to Peel Street Poetry poems]
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