Peel Street Poetry / December 2015 (Issue 30)


by Denis Tsoi

Zero is the concept,
of mathematical nothingness,
to convey the absolute,
where molecules sleep,
but for just a moment,
as vibrations shudder and burr into life.

No person can be zero.

Even the ashes of death,<
occupy space within the ground.

Zero is a memory.
Zero is a life once lived.
Zero is the death of the universe,
when the fermi paradox,
joins us all together.

Even in nothingness,
You still represent something.

 "Zero" is a finalist in Peel Street Poetry's Slam Poetry Contest 2015. About Denis Tsoi: Denis Tsoi moved to the hustling and bustling homeland of his parents after spending 22 years in the UK, where he enjoyed an annual 45 minutes of sunshine in his hometown of Glasgow. He joined the Peel Street Poetry family in early 2015 and has a fondness for emotive imagery and on-going jokes about rhyming dinosaurs. When Denis isn't writing poems, he writes in code alongside several tech space-wizards. [Read more about Peel Street Poetry] [Back to Peel Street Poetry poems]
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