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...o (New York), Ilya Chichkan, Alexander Roitburd and Yuri Solomko (Ukraine), Alexey Salmanov (Russia), Ai Weiwei, Zheng Lianjie, Zhang Hongtu, Zhang Dali, Ji Shengli, Chen Weiming (China), Lorenz Haarm...

2. Zheng Lianjie
(July 2011/Contributors)
Zheng Lianjie was born in Beijing, China in 1962. He began to practise traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy at a very young age and turned to a new, experimental ink painting in the 1980s.

3. Subzero New York
(July 2011/Photography)
by Zheng Lianjie At dusk on December 13, 1998, in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, New York-based Chinese artist Zheng Lianjie and Susan Greenwell, an American woman, carried out a performance

4. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(July 2011/Front page)
...p; art criticism: Anton S. Kandinsky, David Rong, Zhang Dali, Mai Mang, Ted Ciesielski, Zheng Lianjie, Ji Shengli (cover artist), Ai Weiwei Reviews: Katherine Foster...

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